Adrian Hayes Longbows provides a fully customized bow making service that can match your exacting requirements. We listen to you, the archer, and tailor your needs to produce a longbow which will not disappoint.
Adrian Hayes Longbows can be crafted to any length and draw weight to ensure you will get the best from your style of shooting. Our longbows are finished to an exceptional standard which both look good, shoot well and provide protection from the elements.
The high quality black horn nocks, which are both hard wearing and practical, provide a solid seat for the use of a stringer. Adding to the good looks, the handle is bound securely with either leather or braid to provide you with a comfortable and pleasurable shooting experience.
To further enhance the performance of these exceptional longbows, a double looped Flemish fast flight string is provided as standard.
All our longbows can be shot either left or right handed and can be inlaid with a horn or mother of pearl arrow pass to give that extra level of protection.